Interning with the law chambers was an unforgettable experience in itself, this internship was my first legal internship and it was unlike any other, it gave me the scope to make mistakes and explore the subject to find where I fit best, It thought me the real application of law apart from the immense learning I received, it thought me various factors essential for a lawyer like time management and efficiency.


2nd year Jindal global law school 25th June - 25th July 2018

This internship has helped me learn and understand the nitty-gritty and real-life application in the field of corporate law, as an aspiring corporate lawyer, it has enhanced my skill of interpretation and changed my perspective towards the field.


5th year OU (Mahatma Gandhi law college) 21st June - 21st July 2018

Interning with the Law Chamber I was exposed to various issues in corporate and commercial law and it is in this internship that I gained practical knowledge and valuable insights into the field of law. This internship gave me an opportunity to hone my skills beyond the theoretical knowledge imparted in law schools and develop the skill set which will be of much use in my future endeavors in the legal field.


4th year Jindal Global Law School 1st July - 28st July 2018

This internship has given me invaluable work experience along with a first-hand view of the profession I am passionate about. Interning with The Law Chambers also taught me that there is more to the legal field than I ever imagined, such as the practicalities of being in an office space and practicing law rather than merely the principles and basic concepts. I am eternally grateful to The Law Chambers for providing me with this opportunity.


2nd year Jindal Global Law School 11th July - 26th July

Interning with the law chambers has made me realize the difference between law in books and the core competence and application of the law. It has enhanced my research skills and helped me find my calling, as a final year student this internship was a savior at the 11thhour to help me understand my field of law.


5th year OU (Mahatma Gandhi law college) 21st June - 21st July 2018